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Randall was born May 25th in Fort Worth, Texas, the adopted son of Virginia and Russell Carver ("the best thing that ever happened to me".) His father, a successful businessman, became President of the Hereford State Bank and his mother, a three time Life Master Bridge Player.  Randall spent his early childhood in Canadian, Texas, a town much like the one seen in "The Last Picture Show".  It is here that Randall got his first taste of acating and learned to read while holding his mother's scripts while she rehearsed for community theatre productions.  

After he was graduated from
Missouri Military Academy , Randall returned to Amarillo where he appeared in the first production of the outdoor musical “Texas". Graduated from West Texas State University , Randall is a member of Kappa Alpha Order and was involved in Student Politics.  In 1968, Randall landed a small pivotal role in his first feature film opposite Jon Voight in "Midnight Cowboy,"

Having served a stint in Korea as a Lieutenant, Tank Platoon Leader on the DMZ for one year and one day, Randall was accepted for the Masters of Fine Arts Graduate Program at UCLA.  One year later, Randall starred in his first feature film, "Time to Run." (Here is a link to the site: http://billygraham.org/video/time-to-run/ )  A special screening was held at the movie theatre he used to frequent every Saturday morning in his hometown.

Numerous feature films and guest starring roles followed, but it wasn't until Norman Lear hired him to play "Jeffrey DeVito" on the iconic series "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" that he had his first steady acting job. 

In the Spring of 1978, Randall read for the role of John Burns, the naive, small-town guy on the award-winning series "Taxi". "When I read for the part, it felt right, so natural.  It took the producers a long time to make up their minds, but I had a feeling from the beginning I was going to get it.  I played it true to my instincts and creativity.  It was the best possible learning experience because I was able to work with the best people in the business."

Randall went on to star in the Vietnam-era series, "Six O'Clock Follies" and dozens of television movies, his favorite being "Detour to Terror" where he got to play his first bad guy role terrorizing O.J. Simpson. 

In March 1991, Randall was reunited with his fellow "Taxi" cast members where they were honored by the Museum of Television and Radio and the Los Angeles County Art Museum.  The gang from the Sunshine Cab Company gathered once again to recreate their "Taxi" roles for the feature film "Man on the Moon" starring Jim Carrey as the late Andy Kaufman.  In 2008, Randall was offered the role of Mr. Bankside in the Paul Thomas Anderson fim "There Will Be Blood" opposite Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis. 

Randall grew up an only child,  but after an exhaustive search, he was able to locate a biological sister.  They met for the first time in the summer of 1996. A proud brother and uncle to his new extended family, he later met members of his birth father's family and in November 2011, he traveled to Texas to meet more brothers and sisters on his mother's side bring the total count of siblings to 9! 

Randall makes his home in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles with his wife, Emmy-nominated Writer Shelley Herman, and their animals "Fanny"and the sweetest, most wonderful mixed-breed Shar Pei, Mastiff, Pit Bull in the world,  Dudley.  Randall is an Elder at The First Christian Church where he serves on the church counsel and works as a liaison between the church staff and the community. He is a licensed realtor and a real estate investor.  He teaches acting classes and conducts private one-on-one coaching sessions. 

A graduate of the Skip Barber Racing School, Randall would give it all up in a minute to realize his impossible dream... to drive at the Indy 500.











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